BonnaTex "R" - ptfe packing cord

PTFE cord (round) - 100% pure PTFE with a molecular fiber structure

Installation: Flanges, elements like piping, component housings of machines, pumps, compensators, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, heat exchanger etc. / Materials like GFK, glass, ceramic, graphite, aluminum, steel and rubber. / These cords are to use universally.

The soft and smooth material adapts perfectly to every underground. BonnaTex “R” is chemically stable to every medias from the pH-area.

Not to be used with alkali metals (for example sodium, potassium), elementary and gaseous fluorine at high temperatures and high pressure.

Temperature range: -240 °C to +260 °C / shortly to +315 °C

Pressure of vacuum to 200 bar depending on the characteristics and installation.

universal use
easy and quickly applicable
very high temperature resistance
no deterioration
good chemicals resistance
weather-light resistant