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The company
        Fermit GmbH, formerly Nissen & Volk GmbH, has been

        specialised in sealing threads for over 100 years and with
        its Neo-Fermit brand is the unchallenged market leader
        in Germany.

        As a service provider and competent partner for the who-
        lesale trade in sanitary and heating engineering, for oven
        and fireplace manufacturers, for the industry, technical

        trade, and now also in pool technology, Fermit provides
                                                               Administration building of the parent company in Paris
        solutions and surplus values made in Germany.

        Hundred thousands of customers, from masters to assistants and hobby
        craftsmen, trust our certified and approved products.                               Fermit in numbers:

        As a subsidiary of the French BARTHELEMY Group, Fermit GmbH benefits                      5.500 m
        from considerably extended R&D expertise and from an increased presence in
        several European countries.
                                                                                                  2.500 m   2
        As a manufacturer, Fermit GmbH takes its role in the ecosystem serious-
        ly. The photovoltaic system installed on the rooftop of the 2015 extension of             3.800.000
        production hall produces 48,000 kWh of electricity and allows for a reduction             units per year
        of 33 tons of CO2 per year. Thus, for the benefit of man and nature, Fermit's
                                                                                                  620 tons
        production is climate-neutral to the greatest extend.                                     packed and shipped

        Furthermore, Fermit GmbH is regularly audited with respect to its quality ma-
        nagement and is certified in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015.

        Innovative strength, flexibility, and short reaction times. This is Fermit.
        For product information and technical data sheets go to

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