Lining adhesive PRO

Lining adhesive PRO

Watery adhesive based on synthetic resin for use between the pool lining material and the foundation (wood, concrete, polystyrol). Excellent adhesion onto all normal foundations in pools e.g. concrete, wood, polyester etc. Suitable for all lining materials on the market which are made from PE, PP or polyester and for polyolefin foam materials.

Attention: We recommend a test before applying on foundations which may be sensitive to solutions.

Simple application due to a high level of adhesion and a drip free consistence which enables a clean and easy use also on vertical surfaces.

Anti-bacterial adhesive protects against micro-organism (e.g. mould).

With a 5kg bucket you can cover an area of 50 square meters.

Mise en oeuvre simple et facile
Haute adhérence
Consistance ferme, ne goutte pas