Universal seal

Always the right seal

On heat pumps, sand filters, inlet nozzles, flanges and headlamps. Seals/O-rings are used everywhere. In the event of leaks and leakage in these systems/devices, the source of the fault is often to be found in the area of the seal. And how often is the right gasket missing, has to be re-ordered and replaced? The Flat Sealing Tape provides a quick and easy solution. Universally applicable, pliable, with a handy adhesive strip. Now you always have the right seal to hand.

All in all, universal seals are an important resource for pool builders because they offer flexibility, efficiency and the ability to respond quickly to pool sealing needs. They are an essential part of any pool builder's toolkit.

Adapts to any surface
High temperature and pressure resistance
Easy mounting - With adhesive strip on one side
Unlimited shelf life
Chemical and weather resistant