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                                    Pressure and heat-resistant sealant, also in connection with hemp for   • Easy to process
                                    sealing threads, flanges and surfaces                    • Non-curing
                                                                                             • Connections are detachable
                                    -  Suitable for all threads with a maximum diameter of 2 inches    • Non-toxic
                                      (DIN 2999) in high pressure plants, turbine housings, or steam    • Heat-resistant
                                      pipes.                                                 • High pressure-resistant
                                                                                             • Immediately durable
                                    Temperature range: 160°C max
                                    Max pressure: 16 bars (depending on application).
                                    Coat flanges, surfaces and interplies on both sides
                                    Article number  Article                  PU
                                    03001           500g can                 12
                                    03003           5kg bucket               1


                                    All-round liquid synthetic resin sealant for sealing threads, flanges   • Easy to process
                                    and surfaces                                             • Sealing up immediately
                                                                                             • Integrated brush
                                    -  Suitable for water, petrol, grease and oil pipes, oil heating and    • Applicable with or without
                                      propane gas systems, engines, engine cases, gearboxes,    hemp
                                      machines, devices and cases                            • Free of phthalate
                                    -  Resistant against oil, liquid gas, petrol, benzene, petroleum,
                                      greases, water, steam, acid, base, brine, seawater
                                      Resistant to spirits and all fuel mixtures

                                    Temperature range: -10°C to 130°C
                                    Max pressure: 4 bars (depending on application)
                                    Article number  Article                  PU
                                    04001           125g bottle (incl. brush)  24
                                    03003           5kg bucket               1


                                    Neutrally cross-linked silicon glue for sealing threaded    • Odourless
                                    connections                                              • Non-dripping
                                                                                             • Adjustable (1/8 turn within
                                    -  Suitable for plastics, plastic compounds (OVC, PVCC; PP, ABS, PE),    10 min.)
                                      metal and mixed plastic compounds                      • Applicable without hemp
                                    -  resistant against water treated with chlorine, brine, ozone, glycol,
                                      hot and cold water and compressed air
                                    -  Suitable for drinking water (WRAS, Engl. norm BS6920)

                                    Temperature range: 60°C after 24 hours, 90°C in heaters after 24 hours
                                    Max pressure: 3 bars immediately, 8 bars after 24 hours, 4 bars in heaters after 24 hours
                                    Processing temperature: over 10°C
                                    Storage: unopened and at normal humidity at 5°C to 30°C
                                    Storage: 15 months
                                    Article number  Article                  PU
                                    09001           100 g tube               6

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