Refractory Glue HT 1100/Fibre Sealing Cord Glue

Refractory Glue HT 1100/Fibre Sealing Cord Glue

Adhesive for fireproof construction units

Refractory glue HT 1100 is for sticking together fireproof construction units and for fastening of glass fibre or ceramic fibre sealing cords, fireclay materials to metal parts, gluing of jacket tubes, sleeves and other fireclay parts, setting fireclay bricks in stoves and heating units, designed to adhere insulating board, ...

Minimum drying of 48 hours is necessary.

For complete hardening raise the temperature of over 200 °C.

Temperature restistance: +1100 °C

Colours cartridge: beige / Colours tube: black

Storage time: 24 months cool and dry in a closed packing

very good adhesiveness
very high temperature resistance
no smoke development
easy to apply