Soot Removal Pellets

Soot Removal Pellets

2 in 1 : heats and cleans simultaneousness oven and boiler

Soot removal pellets are catalytic cleaning pellets, which enabels a residue-free combustion particularly of tar residues in flue pipes and devices.

These residues are responsible for most of the stove fires.

A mechanical cleaning is compulsory.

The utilization of the pellets as addition improves the efficiency of the product.

Furthermore it enables the optimal maintenance of the machines.

Storage: between + 5°C and + 30°C

Durability: at least 3 years in a closed packing

Especially for the cleaning of tar residues in pelett-oven
Is additionally added and heats and cleans heat exchanger and flue pipes
Attacks the tar and facilitates the mechanical cleaning
Raises the efficiency and reduces the danger of a fire in the chimney
Easy utilisation