Soot Removal Powder

Soot Removal Powder

For stoves and fireplaces

The soot remover in powder form is an agent for cleaning fireplaces and inserts to free them of soot and tar.

Can be used for all stoves and boilers, except in the case of oil or gas injection. Is suitable for all types of fireplaces, inserts and smoke outlets.

Removes soot in the case of stoves and fireplaces by drying out tar deposits in the smoke outlet/chimney so that the deposits are no longer flammable.

A 900g can corresponds to approx.

30 dosing units.

Durability: with receptacle kept closed at least 3 years.

dissolves soot and tar deposits very well
suitable for stoves with coal, fuel oil or wood firing systems
suitable for open fireplaces as well as for inserts
simple application