3-D-Sealant Super

3-D-Sealant Super

Liquid sealant for leaks for sealing of cracks and small leaks

3-D-SEALANT SUPER closes pores, cracks or damage to gaskets and seals on heating boilers, radiators, pumps, cyinder blocks and radiators from the inside so that they are absolutely water and steam pressure tight.

The sealant removes the porosity of the ducts and metal connections without removal of the components.

3-D-SEALANT-SUPER is also suitable for the use of floor heating systems. The product does not attack the seals of the heating nipples.

3-D-SEALANT-SUPER is not suitable for the utilisation on steam boilers.

Input quantity: 1-2 kg 3-D-SEALANT-SUPER for approximately 100 l heating water Precise utilisation: Have a look at the technical data-sheet.

Glycol-frost protection compatible
Compatible against cast iron, steel, aluminium, copper, PVCC
Doesn’t block the heating systems
Suitable for the use of the floor heating
reliable – Certain