Plastic Thread Sealant

Plastic Thread Sealant

Thread sealing

For sealing threaded connections made of plastic/plastic (PVC, PVCC, PP, ABS, PE), metal and mixed connections of metal/plastics. The areas of use comprise water threated with chlorine, salt water, ozone and glycol, hot and cold water, irrigation water, heating water and compressed air.

Temperature-resistance: after 30 min. pressure-resistant up to 3 bar up to 8 bar and 60°C after 24 hrs up to 4 bar and 90°C after 24 hrs in the case of heaters/ radiators

Processing temperature:: above +10°C

Storage: unopened and at normal humidity at + 5°C to +30°C

Does not drip
Colour white
Thread play max. 0.8 mm
1/8 rotation adjustable within 10 min
Suitable for drinking water (acc. to WRAS)
Neutrally cross-linked silicone
Use without hemp/flax