Fermitol liquid

Fermitol liquid

Versatile liquid synthetic resin sealant

Universal sealing compound and glue, resistant to oil; liquefied petroleum gas, petrol, benzene, paraffin/kerosene, greases, water, steam, acid, alkaline solution, brine, seawater etc. ..., once set also resistant to spirit and all fuel mixtures.

For the sealing of threads, flanges and faces on water, petrol, grease and oil lines, oil heating units, propane gas units, engines, engine casings, gearboxes, machines, process
equipment and tanks.

Fermitol is suitable for many purposes and numerous materials.

Temperature range: -10°C to +130°C / pressure: 4 bar

easy to work with
seals can be put into service immediately
integrated brush
practical in use
instant sealing
reliable - safe
can be used with and without hemp
phthalate free