Fermit Emergency Pipe Repair Kit

Fermit Emergency Pipe Repair Kit

First-aid sealing kit

The quick, easy and professional immediate help in the event of pipe damage or for the preparation of later conventional pipe repairs.

Without tools, soldering or welding!

Suitable for allmost all pipe materials and can be used for, in addition to water pipes, also for oil pipes.

Temperature range: -60 °C to +270 °C / Storage: at least 36 month

Set contents: case filled with 2-component sealing compound, first aid Plasters, sealing bandage 25 x 1800 mm, sealing bandage 50 x 3600 mm, protective gloves, stirring rod, brush and repair instructions.

from zero to tight in 30 minutes
suitable for all pipe materials
no additional tools required
no soldering or welding
everything tight in no time at all