PTFE-Flat Sealing Tape

PTFE-Flat Sealing Tape "FA"

What is special about "FA" Flat Sealing Tape?

Fermit Flat Sealing Tape has considerable advantages on the operating site and beyond. It reduces delays, costs and issues in connection with the acquisition, exchange, storing and mounting of standard sealings. The special production process of the tape, which consists of 100% expanded polytetraflourethylen (ePTFE), ensures extremely reliable sealing properties on flanges, boilers, tube pipes, heat exchangers, ventilating systems, air conditioning systems and more.

The tape is extremely flexible and also adjusts greater unevennesses very well. It is also permanently resistant to aggressive chemical processes and guarantees reliable sealing in any applications that require long durability.

Saves time, money and trouble
Exceptionally reliable and flexible sealing
Fast, cheap and simple mounting directly on the operating site
Maximum lifespan, no expiry date
High pressure resistance / vacuum up to 200 bars
All approvals (DVGW, BAM, TA-Luft, DIN EN 1355, TÜV)
Maximum temperature resistance (briefly up to 315°C, otherwise -240°C to 260°C)
Adhesive strip as mounting aid
Resistant to all materials (1)