PTFE Pipe Sealing Thread

PTFE Pipe Sealing Thread

(up to +240 °C)

DIN-DVGW for gas and water installations according to EN751-3 FRp and GRp and DIN 30660 (NV-5143BP0261), tested & approved up to 100 bar pressure in accordance with EN751-3 for gases of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd family and for hot water

DIN DVGW tested & approved for pipe adjustments up to 45°, for hot & cold & drinking water in accordance with KTW recommendations of the German Health Ministry

WRAS listed product for U.K. Water Regulations Advisory Scheme for use with hot and cold water (Ref. 0212515)

ASTM F423 Steam & Cold Water Cycle Test - passed

BAM tested & approved for use with gaseous oxygen at 30 bar and 100°C (for use with the installation aid, II-2742/2004E)

BAM tested & approved for use with liquid oxygen at 30 bar and 100°C (use without installation aid, II-2742/2004E)

UL Listed Seal Material 10BN File MH26734 according to Outline 1321 for use in assemblies handling gasoline, petroleum oils, naphta, propane, butane, benzene, kerosene and natural gas (<300 psig)

KIWA GASTEC Qa (NL): norm. 31, class ”20”

Absolutely chemical resistant to most aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuels and acids, completely resistant to surface fouling, oxidation, embrittlement fungal or bacterial growth, enzymatic or microbiological attack

also suitable for solar installations

Installation: Beginning at the end of the thread, wrap in a overlapping haphazard fashion in the direction of the thread, apply 2 or 3 drops of the installation aid directly from the separate dispenser and smear over the PTFE with the finger, concentrate at the end of the pipe and cover only 10 to 15 mm of the thread The manufacturer`s guidelines on the number of wraps are:
1/2” pipe min. 12 (fine threads) to 18 (coarse threads) wraps
1 1/2” pipe min. 16 (fine threads) to 24 (coarse threads) wraps
For other pipe Diameters adjust the number of wraps which depend on size
and thread, in the case of doubt wrap up more

Temperature range: -200 °C to +240 °C / pressure: 30 bar
up to +100 °C for oxygen, 100 bar for hot water

easy and quickly applicable
not flammable and does not burn
no use-by date
resistant against fungal attacks
does not swell up
also suitable for solar installations
for all types of threads out of metal or plastic
with integrated cutter
no drying
remains soft and pliable